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Inspiration for Writers, Inc. offers a series of workshops to help writers learn the craft of writing (many of which are described in the links in the left-hand sidebar). Our editors are experienced speakers and teachers who immediately capture their audiences and don’t let go until way after the class ends. The workshops presented here represent only a small portion of all workshops available—and if we don’t have a workshop prepared for your needs, we’ll custom make one.

We provide detailed handouts for all workshops. We typically recommend 90 minutes per workshop, but all workshops can be tailored for a shorter or longer period. Workshops can also be lecture-only, lecture and exercise, or interactive. All workshops can apply to both fiction and memoir, or can be tailored to one or the other.

We love to talk, so our presenters plan to stick around after the workshop for additional questions and consultations. And yes, we will come to your writers conference or regional workshop—just ask.

We’ve recently given workshops at:
  • The West Virginia Writers Conference;
  • The Alabama Writers Conclave;
  • The Appalachian Writers Association in Bristol, Tennessee;
  • The West Virginia Book Festival;
  • Marietta (Ohio) College;
  • And many others
To check our availability or to attend a coming workshop, email Sandy. We’ll look forward to chatting with you soon.

"Sandy Tritt offers a supportive, motivational, and educational experience."

Tracy Riden, Ontario, author, Learning to Live

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