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Edit and Critique

The Manuscript Edit and Critique is our most popular package for the mid-level to advanced writer. This is an inclusive package that incorporates a line edit, a content edit, an overview critique, and follow-up consultations all for one price. It includes:
  • correction of spelling, grammar, word choice, and punctuation;
  • correction and/or marking of passive voice construction, redundancies, weak dialogue, incorrect dialogue structure, weak or incorrect sentence construction, weak paragraph construction, weak verbs, too little or too much detail, point of view errors, inconsistencies, and anything else that could prevent publication;
  • a detailed overview critique, which is a 2-8 page overview evaluation of what works in your manuscript and what needs improvement, such as suggestions on plot or character development, examples of how to write more effective prose using samples from your work, or tips on related craft points;
  • and follow-up consultations to guide you through the submissions and publishing processes. We believe strongly in communication before, during and after the edit, and we are here to assist you as you move through the publishing process.

Our approach to editing varies depending upon your goals.  For example, if you’ve written a memoir, plan to self-publish, and never want to write again, our goal as your editor is to make you look good by making all corrections for you. However, if you want to begin a career as a writer, we’re going to become your writing coach and encourage, teach, and correct in equal parts.  Instead of just telling you what is wrong, we explain how to correct the problem, and we teach you how to write effective prose.

We use the Microsoft Word Tracking Feature on electronic submissions to mark editing suggestions and to embed comments into the document. This allows you to automatically accept or reject any or all suggestions without retyping them. And if you’re not familiar with this tool, don’t worry! We’ll include step-by-step instructions, and we’re always just a phone call away.

We strongly believe the writer/editor relationship must be a partnership, which is why we take extra time in matching our editors to each individual writer based upon genre, writing level, goals, and personality. We also provide a free sample edit so the writer can see our quality and personality before any money changes hands. And we remain available to our writers as long as they need us. We don’t succeed unless you do.

And we want to succeed. Email us today.

Rates are 3 cents per word. To calculate your total, multiply your total word count by 0.03. Round off to the nearest whole dollar, enter this number as the quantity on the next screen, and then click on the “Update Totals” icon. A $45 minimum per manuscript applies.

To purchase Editing and Critiquing services from Inspiration for Writers, Inc., click the button below and fill out the provided online forms for secure payment through Paypal.

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