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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! We can make them for any amount and they can be used for any of our services or products. Check them out now for the holidays.

Who are your editors?
The editors at Inspiration for Writers, Inc. are all published writers who have graduated from a rigorous training program that tests knowledge about industry standards, writing craft, and grammar. Additionally, the editors have been chosen because they possess that special compassion for others and truly enjoy helping fellow writers succeed. ANYONE can claim to be an editor. Inspiration for Writers, Inc. is one of the few editing firms that trains and tests editorsand only the very best of those tested are chosen to become an Inspiration for Writers editor. Learn more about the editors.

Why does Inspiration for Writers, Inc. use the yellow rose for its emblem?
Our SymbolThe yellow rose symbolizes joy, friendship, and the promise of a new beginning. Some sources cite the meaning of the yellow rose as "I Care." We believe that writing should bring joy. We believe the editing relationship must be friendly and should develop into a partnership and a friendship. We believe that through editing, your work takes on the promise of a new beginning—perhaps even leading to a new career. And we take more than just pride in our work. We care that our editing makes your work the best it possibly can be.

I don't think I can afford to have my entire manuscript edited at one time. Is it possible to send it in pieces?
Yes, we can work with you on this. Some clients send a chapter a month, some a chapter a week, some simply break it into two or more parts. Whatever works for you, we can accommodate.

How long does it take before I'll get my manuscript back?
This depends upon the current backlog and the length of your manuscript. Email for a current estimate.

Do you accept all clients?
No. We only accept clients we feel we can work with. We do not accept clients whose work disagrees with our values, nor do we accept clients with whom we don't feel compatible or we don't believe we can help.

How do I know if we will be compatible?
The best way is to send a sample. This lets each of us know what to expect before any money changes hands. We are also available to discuss your situation by telephone. You are welcome to call Sandy at 304-428-1218 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. She can also be available during evening hours and on Saturdays, but please email first for an appointment. Please, no phone calls on Sundays.

Do you have past clients who are willing to talk to me about your work?
Yes. We can give you names and email addresses (or telephone numbers) upon request.

Will my manuscript retain my voice? Will it still sound like my writing, or will it sound like yours?
We strongly believe that a manuscript should retain the author's unique voice. This is why we won't edit a word until we've read enough of your work to understand your author's voice, and we will take great care not to trample upon that.

Will you help me become a better writer?
One of the first questions we ask potential clients is: "What are your writing/publishing goals?" Some writers simply want to publish their memoirs for future generations, and that's fine. We'll do all we can to make that memoir the absolute best it can be. Others want to establish a career as a writer. For those, we offer extensive explanations of why we make the edits we make. The edit serves as the ultimate teaching tool. Some clients have said that working with Inspiration for Writers taught them more about writing than they learned while seeking an MFA in Creative Writing.

We also offer many free writing tips and techniques through our website,  our newsletters, and through the Inspiration for Writers Tips and Techniques Workbook, which is available as both an ebook and in hardcopy.

So, yes. If you want to become a better writer, you’ve come to the right place. We will do everything we can to help you. Doing so is one of the greatest joys we have.

I want to get a literary agent. Do you have any "ins" to help me get an agent? Can you guarantee that my work will be published after you've edited it?
No. We are independent editors and do not work for nor receive kick-backs from any agents or publishers. We can guide you toward finding legitimate agents and publishers who may be interested in your work, and we can help you put together a query package, but we have no "pull" with any agents or publishers. (And it should be noted that liaisons between editors and agents or publishers is considered unethical.)

Do I retain all rights to my manuscript, even if you do substantive rewriting?

Do you edit children's books?

What about romance?

Do you edit poetry or chap books?
No, although we do accept poetry that is part of a larger piece of work.

Do you edit screen plays or stage plays?
Screen plays, yes. Stage plays, no.

Will I be able to ask questions about your edits or critique?
Absolutely! We believe that open communication is one of the key factors to a successful writer/editor relationship. We encourage questions not only about our edits and critiques, but also about any other concerns you may have about the writing or publishing industries. We think it is imperative that you feel comfortable talking to us—and we will do everything we can to not only reply to your questions, but to make sure you are comfortable asking them. We are available for follow-ups by email or by telephone. No matter what, we will always treat you with respect.

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