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Free Sample Edit

At Inspiration for Writers, Inc., we want you to be comfortable with our quality and our style of editing before any money exchanges hands. That's why we offer a free sample edit for book-length works over 20,000 words. This gives you the chance to see the quality of our work and gives us a chance to see if we can be of help to you.  It's important for a writer to feel comfortable with his or her editorand a sample edit lets you "try out" the relationship.

To take advantage of this great opportunity, please send your first chapter or the first ten pages of your manuscript to Sending this many pages allows us to understand your author's voice so we can maintain your style as we edit. We'll edit the first 500 wordsenough for you to see what we do and how we do it.  Work submitted for a sample edit must follow our submission guidelines.

Once we receive your work, we will assign the editor who best fits your writing style, genre and personality. The editor who edits your sample will be the editor with whom you'll work. 

Please understand that our editors provide sample edits without compensation.  Each sample requires a minimum of one hour to complete.  While we're happy to provide this free service for serious inquiries, it is a costly service to provide.  If you have questions about our rates, turnaround time, or anything else, please ask before requesting a sample. 

"In an effective, instructive,
gentle way
, Sandy
offered detailed comments
and, most importantly,
reasons for all substantive
editorial changes."

~ Kathleen Wildasin, Kentucky

2009. Inspiration for Writers, Inc.