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Ghostwriting Questionaire

Before we can give you a firm quote for your ghostwriting project, please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible.  Afterward, please attach or type them into the body of an email and send it to 

1.    Is this a fiction or nonfiction project? What genre? (Science fiction, history, romance, memoir, children’s, etc.)

2.    How many words do you expect in the completed project? Is this a full-length book, a magazine article, a pamphlet, what?

3.    How much of this project, if any, is completed? Please be detailed.

4.    How much research has been completed on this project?

5.    How do you plan to publish? (Self-publish, traditionally publish, print on demand) Do you already have a publisher in mind?

6.    How involved do you want to be in this project?

7.    How soon do you need this finished?

8.    Will you need illustrations, cover art or graphics?

9.    Have you published anything previously? What is/was your “day job”?

10.    Is there anything else we need to know?


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