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Writer-Friendly Links
At Inspiration for Writers, Inc., we know that great resources can help writers hone their skills. Though we proudly recommend the following writing resources, we cannot monitor external links. Visitors who use these links will leave our site and do so at their own risk.

Recommended Writing Associations

West Virginia Writers, Inc: The state's largest writing organization, offering an annual conference, annual competition and much more.

Tennessee Mountain Writers

Tennessee Writers Alliance

Whisper from the Heart Poetry Club: A people-oriented poetry club, based in South Africa.

Recommended Publishers

The Beckham Publications Group: Unique book publishing company that offers joint venture self-publishing projects to promote the works of young and budding writers.

Recommended Resources

Why the Writing Works: Rhonda Browning White's  blog that focuses on an aspect of writing, one post at a time.

Start A Blog 123: A step by step guide to how to start a blog.

Ladder Writers: Enter writing contests, get critiqued, earn points and climb up the ladder to become a paid critter and finally a paid contest judge.

Online Contest Index

Explore Writing: Devised as a unique reference for anyone who is interested in creative writing. Whether you're a beginner or professional, there is something for you.

WOW! Women On Writing This e-zine provides great resources for women.

R.H. Summers' Writing Resources

Internet Resources on Citing: The Trademark of a Good Writer

How to Start a Blog

How to Make a Website (a Step by Step guide from a web developer)

One Word at a Time:  We're in the middle of a publishing revolution. Publishing houses no longer hold all of the keys to success as a writer. The world is changing. Every writer has a chance to be part of the new publishing world. This book is not about publishing contracts and million dollar book deals. This book is about creating a life as a writer. One Word at a Time is a deeply personal guide to success as a writer. In this book author Eric Vance Walton shares his hard-won lessons about creating and sustaining the writer's life. If you want a practical and personal guide to success as a writer, this book is for you.

Recommended Book Sellers

In Association with Amazon.comAmazon offers a variety of writing resources at great prices. Get free shipping on orders of $25 or more when you use this link.

Used Books, Discounted Books, Best Sellers and Much More!

Recommended Books

Complete Book of the Zodiac: This book provides star and moon signs that can help you add dimension to your characters.

The Writer's Guide to Character Traits: Linda N. Edelstein, Ph.D provides excellent suggestions and examples on character traits. Her work includes suggestions that can help you build your characters. One such suggestion is that alcoholics often possess irrational fears and suspicions.

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