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Writing Merchandise :
Tips & Techniques Workbook Printed Version

Tips & Techniques WorkbookThe Inspiration for Writers Tips and Techniques Workbook expands on the tips and techniques published on the Inspiration for Writers website, and includes exercises, reproducible worksheets, and a special section on finding an agent and creating a query letter and a synopsis. The Self-Publishing discussion includes addresses and phone numbers needed to apply for a copyright, UPC code and ISBN number, as well as listing the costs involved.

Includes 132 - 8 1/2 by 11 inch pages.The worksheets are compact and formatted for ease-in-use.

"Inspiration for Writers Tips & Techniques Workbook has been one of the most informative books I have had the opportunity to read.  As a novice writer who started writing for a lark, I have found it to be easy to follow and extremely helpful in channeling any direction I need to take in writing.  The common words, commas and grammar sections have been extremely beneficial to me.  I have had the great luck to talk in person with several writers with whom I shared the workbook.  Their comments were that it has helped them move forward from writers block and, in one case, encouraged a writer who had not written in a long time to write again.  The information on how to publish has been of high interest for many of our writers, as their ultimate goal is to publish their work.  I write for pleasure but even in that respect, your Tips & Techniques has made writing an even greater joy.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts, tips and techniques with the web community.  I am very lucky to have run across your site.

~ Nancy Pierce, Georgia.

PRICE:  $35.00
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eWorkbook also available for download

Reproducible worksheets include:

Novel Summary Worksheet - helps you see your novel more clearly, from the focus statement to the point of view to the climax/resolution.

Chapter Summary Worksheet - organizes your chapters by scene, identifying your viewpoint character, setting, and purpose.

Character Trait Chart - fleshes out your character from physical description to his greatest fear to his view of animals.

Personality Components - allows you to identify not only the pyschological traits your character displays most of the time, but also those he assumes when in the presence of his mother-in-law or while drinking--or whatever the circumstances are that make your character act "out of character."

Character Growth Chart - shows how your character changes throughout the novel, from his character goal to his conflict (or "fatal flaw") to his resolution.

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