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Eric Fritzius

Inspiration for Writers' webmaster and media guy Eric Fritzius is a freelance all around creative dude whose nonfiction work has appeared in The Charleston Gazette, West Virginia Daily News, and the Greenbrier Valley Quarterly Magazine.

His award-winning fiction has appeared in the 2008 WV Writers' anthology Mountain Voices, the 2010 Woodland Press Anthology Dark Tales of Terror, the Autumn 2011 issue of Greenbrier Valley Quarterly Magazine, and the anthology Diner Stories: Off the Menu from Mountain State Press.  His short story "Moments in Turmeric" won first place in the Appalachian Writing category of the 2011 West Virginia Writers' Annual Writing Contest.  His short story “Native Arts” won second place in the Animals category of the same contest.

His plays " a Flame," "...and Tigers and Bears," "Honey Do," "A Game of Twenty..." and "Fargo 3D" have been produced at the Greenbrier Valley Theatre in Lewisburg.  His plays " a Flame" and "...and Tigers and Bears," were also produced by the Independent Theatre Collective in Wheeling. 

Eric's graphic designs have graced the covers of such books as Buckle Up, Buttercup and Jackson Vs. Witchy Wanda: Making Kid Soup by Belinda Anderson; WV Writers Seeking the Swan anthology; Blind Fear by Rebecca Conrad; Frontier Surgeon by James Banks; The Trial of Rush Givens by Robert Elkins, Hero Birds by Emmitt Maxwell Furner, and three novels by David C. Brown, Concrete Girl, Gap Hollow, and Sandlick Hollow.  He also designed the cover for his own collection of short stories, A Consternation of Monsters.

A Consternation of Monsters Hero Birds
Buckle Up Buttercup Seeking the Swan backSeeking the Swan back
Gap Hollow by David C. Brown
Seeking the Swan
Blind Fear by Rebecca
Concrete Girl by David C.
Sandlick Hollowl by David C.
Trial of Rush Givens by
                                      Robert Elkins Frontier Surgeon by Jay
                                      Banks, M.D.

He serves West Virginia Writers, Inc. as webmaster and producer and host of the organization’s podcast.

If you're interested in expanding your Internet footprint into the territory of author-blogs, websites, podcasts, manuscript conversion to eBook formats, or even graphic design for potential book projects, Eric is the man to talk to at Inspiration for Writers.

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