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Wilma Acree

Wilma AcreeGrammar Guru Wilma Acree taught English for thirty-four years. She writes (and edits) poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Her poetry appears in numerous journals including Appalachian Heritage, Crazy River and Algonquin and in the anthologies Best of West Virginia Writers, Seeking the Swan, Wild Sweet Notes I, and Mountain Voices.
She has won multiple awards in West Virginia Writers' Spring Competition in poetry, humor, and short story. For several years she served as executive editor of Confluence Literary Magazine, and still serves as the executive director of the Ohio Valley Literary Group.
Wilma has been the go-to grammar authority for many years; recently, she was awarded the title GRAMMAR GURU for Inspiration for Writers, Inc.
Two terriers (or as she sometimes says  terrors) allow her to live in their home.

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