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Submission Services

You’ve completed your manuscript. You’ve edited, polished and proofed. Now it’s time to send it into the world. But where do you start? That first step into the literary world is like walking into a minefield, only more frightening and confusing—your dreams are at stake here.

The publishers of some genres only accept agented material; others will accept unsolicited material. Certain literary houses only want queries; others the entire manuscript. Some agents only accept published authors and will not consider new writers. And then there are the scam artists! The literary world is rife with people looking to take advantage of you and your money. How do you know who to trust? How do you find just the right agent or publisher for you? With the constant changing of personnel at agencies and publishers, how do you know who to address so your material isn’t lost among thousands of others? Do you have time to keep track of it all or follow up?

That’s where we come in. Inspiration for Writers, Inc.’s submission service does all the research for you. Depending upon your needs, we can:

•    Identify legitimate agencies or publishers who accept your genre and welcome new clients.
•    Supply you with mailing labels ready to peel and stick onto your envelopes.
•    Supply you with agent name, email address, and specific requests for email queries.
•    Personalize your query and mail or email your submissions for you.
•    Provide a telephone number and address to receive replies.
•    Track your submissions and send you an updated report.

It’s time. Send us an email or give us a call, and we’ll get started right away on submitting your queries. After all, you’ll never get published if you don’t submit.

Read our Confidentiality Agreement to see how Inspiration for Writers is dedicated to protecting your work.

Now is the time to submit your query, and we can help. Just select the services you need:

  • 25 labels with agent/publisher’s full name and address


  • 50 labels with agent/publisher’s full name and address 


  • 25 agent names, email addresses, and additional information


  • Query letter edited for spelling, word choice, etc.


  • Query letter edited for content and spelling, etc.


  • Query letter ghostwrite


  • One-page synopsis edited for spelling, word choice, etc.


  • One-page synopsis edited for content and spelling, etc.


  • One-page synopsis ghostwrite 


  • 25 submission packages prepared, addressed and mailed


  • 50 submission packages prepared, addressed and mailed


  • 25 email submission packages, prepared and emailed


Submission packages include a personally addressed, tailored query letter for each agent/publisher, a one-page synopsis, a stamped return envelope (to your address or ours, your choice) and postage. If your query letter and synopsis have not been previously edited, one of our editing services should be included.

We also offer market research, editing and preparation services for book proposals, which are often requested for nonfiction. Contact us for a personalized quote.

To purchase Submission Services from Inspiration for Writers, Inc., just add the services you need to your Paypal cart using the buttons to the right of each service above. 

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