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Success Stories:
Anna Thomas

Anna, a former LPN, has written articles that appear in specialized magazines dealing with sexual and ritual abuse, including Survivorship, Many Voices, The Healing Woman and an article in the Christian Psychology publication The Journal of Christian Healing. Anna enjoys singing, writing and church activities.

Fire and Water

Fire and WaterFire and Water: A Safe Journey Through Multiple Personality Disorder is a therapeutic memoir written from a Christian perspective. It is a true account of the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological aspects of coping with a multiple personality disorder and ritual abuse.

What Anna has to say about Inspiration for Writers, Inc.:

As I prepare for my first book signing on April 4, 2009 at Borders, I recall when I got my manuscript back from Sandy Tritt the FIRST time. My eyes widened to fifty-cent pieces. Not only did I see Sandy's red pen throughout the ENTIRE manuscript, she even had the nerve to tell me, "Script needs to be put in chronological order then sent back." What a task that was for me! What I had spent years on, I was told to tear apart and re-organize.

I took a deep breath. Yes, it made me crazy! But I did it.

What I'm saying is, "if you want your MONEY'S WORTH and HONESTY about the work your manuscript may need, then Inspiration for Writers is your company. Behind success is HARD WORK, developing THICK SKIN, PERSERVERANCE, and an editor who WANTS you to succeed. One common denominator from the professional reviews for Fire and Water is, "Well written and organized!" Yeah! Although my script needed major surgery, Sandy seasoned the grueling re-write with positive points. Thank you, Sandy, for helping my book Fire and Water: A Safe Journey Through Multiple Personality Disorder become a reality.

Fire and Water: A Safe Journey Through Multiple Personality Disorder

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