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Success Stories:
Cindy Tuttle

For more than twenty-five years, Cindy Tuttle has worked with adults suffering from severe mental illness. She has twice been named Advocate of the Year in Mental Health for Sacramento County, California. Cindy will soon appear in an HBO cable television documentary on mental health.

Cindy is an accomplished writer of five published books.

Joyful Surrender is the story of Cindy's commitment to God and how she decided to live an avowed life, in lieu of joining the Catholic sisterhood.  She wrote this book with the desire to share her love of God, and to provide some support for others who have the same desire by attempting to provide a new and creative way to live a vowed life.

Her second book Joining the Dance of Life is a thirty-day devotional encouraging introspection, prayer and journaling to achieve inner peace and external joy.

“With this daily guide, Cindy glides us through our human challenges with a lightness of being akin to the joy of unrestrained dance. Through her poems and reflections we learn that with mindfulness, a kind heart, and love for our fellow beings, we have all of the instruments we need for a happy and fulfilled life.”

 — Douglas D. Harding, Legal Consultant for nonprofit companies

Joining the
                                    Dance of Life

Finding the Light of Jesus addresses the mild irritations of daily life and how to step back from them and reflect what is most important in the present moment—spiritual healing—the Light—in order to experience peace and calm in the midst of trouble. Finding the Light of Jesus provides reflections and revelations which allow us to step back from our problems, reflect on what is most important in the present moment, and rely on spiritual healing-the Light-to experience inner peace and calm in the midst of trouble.
Finding the
                                    Light of Jesus

Cindy's first novel, Cathy's Secret, is about a homeless woman with a passion and a gift for helping others. While living in a shelter, she meets Tom, a homeless man, and the two form a friendship that soon becomes romantic. Cathy's life is finally looking up, and soon she and Tom are married and living in a home of their own. But her life is suddenly thrown back into turmoil by the death of their firstborn followed by Tom's unexpected death--and then her own serious illness. After each of these tragedies she finds the courage to get back up. But how can she ever go on without her soul mate? Why would God allow these things to happen? Through it all, Cathy holds on to what her mother told her before her death--there was a secret about Cathy that God would reveal in His time.

Order your copy of Cathy's Secret via Kindle at
Cathy's Secret

Among the more than 100 prayers offered in Cindy Tuttle's latest book, Prayers and Stories for the Soul, are prayers for Courage, Children, Morning and Evening, Gratitude and Praise, and the Christmas Season. In addition, there are inspirational fictional stories of how Jesus can bring about miracles in anyone's daily life. Prayers and Stories for the Soul can be used as a devotional for an individual, group, or ministry, and provides readers with a simple spiritual tool for living a life close to God in both good and bad times. Order your copy of Prayers of the Soul at
Prayers and Stories for the

Cindy’s books can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and online at Target and Wal-Mart.

In addition, Cindy’s short stories, articles and poetry have been published in Eternal Inc.; Keys of Living; Whatever is Pure; Leaves; The Gem; Word; A Flame; Christian Journal; Christian Devotionals; Halo Magazine; Cola Bears and Sharing.

Here’s what Cindy has to say about Inspiration For Writers, Inc.:

“Inspiration For Writers has brought me more success than I ever could have hoped for. My books have been edited by Sandy Tritt and Rhonda Browning White. Many of my published articles have been edited by Rhonda, as well. I currently have two inspirational novels under top-notch agent representation because of Charlotte Firbanks King and Rhonda.

I had ideas for these novels swimming in my head, but I’d never written fiction. I poured the words onto the page, and then Charlotte and Rhonda made these two stories come to life through their services. It’s as if the two women knew my heart and vision for the books. Rhonda and Jimmy Carl Harris were also greatly responsible for readying Joining the Dance of Life for publication.

I highly recommend Inspiration For Writers! They will provide you with a priceless advantage in this highly competitive field. Many thanks to all the wonderful people at Inspiration For Writers who have helped me along my journey to publishing success. My special thanks go to Sandy and Rhonda, who have been with me since I started. We have only begun!”

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