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On January 22, 2008, I became a published writer for the first time. Your encouraging, thorough, and responsive edits greatly helped my growth as a writer. I found your advice to be helpful, insightful and inspiring. Your dedication to serve your clients is exceptional. You were ALWAYS available--whether I needed an early morning phone chat or a late night e-mail. Often one is disappointed when a product/service does not live up to expectations. But in your situation, you exceeded my high expectations.
~ Bob Fortune, Illinois

If I receive the blessing of getting published, it will be because of your editing. You have turned my manuscript into a readable book. Yes, you succeeded in drilling into my head how important it is to fix my transitions and characters popping up from nowhere. When I replaced dialogue tags with action verbs, the page jumped out at me. Your reasoning behind the editing and overview was so clearly explained that I have no questions!
~ Vicki H., Kansas

I was lost before I found Inspiration for Writers. Rhonda was very helpful in locating inconsistencies, flaws, and spelling errors that I couldn't find. She answered my emails in a timely manner, made sure my book read smoothly, and was flexible with payment arrangements during these hard economic times. Now I'm happy to say my book was accepted by a publisher and is schedule to be released this coming December. If it weren't for Rhonda's expertise, patience, and dedication, I'd still be shopping my novel. I definitely will be using Inspiration for Writers again in the near future!
~ Isaiyan Morrison, author of Macabre.

It's hard to find an editor who "gets it," someone who can help you say what you mean without letting his or her own agenda interfere. Sandi Rog gets it. She's helped me cut through the clutter and see past my own enthusiasm (or anxiety) so I can communicate my ideas. If you want your work to say what it should, Sandi will be a tremendous asset.  
~ Stephen W. Simpson, Ph.D., freelance psychology and religion writer and co-author of What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew about Sex.

Sandy Tritt did the editing and polishing for my first book, and with her help, it has been sold. I know that without her insight and kind encouragement, I never could have made such a sale. She is a dear and kind soul sent by God to make the world a kinder place.
~ Mari M., Pennsylvania, author of children's books

As a published author, I depend on Wendy to be my extra pair of eyes. She sees what I don't. Right now, she's helping me with a Victorian romance called Elegance and Grace. She provides the elegance and grace needed to write good prose. I'd be lost without her. Thank you, Wendy!
~ Alexandra Blake.

Finding the right editor is the most important task for any author, one they should never take lightly. Sandy Tritt was the third editor I tried, so I was a little leery at first. However, the results from her editing my manuscript were excellent. My book, in my mind, is a masterpiece. I even learned a little about turning text into a conversational style to make my book more reader-friendly. Thanks, Sandy, for a job well done. I'll be back for your service again, as soon as I write my next book.
~ Frank Chase, Alabama, author of False Roads to Manhood.

I never send anything out without first running it by Rhonda. Not only does she catch all the times I slip into passive voice in my novel, she helps tighten up my sentences, points out chapters that move too slowly, and keeps me motivated to see the book through to the finish.
~ Chris Kuell, Connecticut

Sandy's critiquing is more than just a professional service. It's like having the expertise of a writing instructor and the personal assistance of a coach all at once. While a writer brings expression to words, Sandy's professional touch adds the flavor of life to expression. Thank you, Sandy, for your invaluable support and critiquing.
~ Blanca Greenberg, NY, author of Find your Spirituality - God will Lead the Way, The Path that Leads the Way, and Chronicles of an Internet Writer.

Sandy Tritt was heaven sent. Being a first time writer, I wasn't sure of where to start or what to do. Sandy guided me from the initial stage of writing a query letter to finding a publisher. I am now a published author.
~ Sergeant Robert Brown, Texas

I have dreamed of becoming a professional writer since eighth grade. After losing my sight when I was nineteen, I thought I'd lost my dream forever. After fifteen years without vision, I received a computer with speech and began to write once again. I wrote a novel and sent it out to twenty agents and publishers. It wasn't long before I received back twenty rejections. I realized even though I wanted to write more than anything, the desire to do so wasn't enough. I needed help. This was when I met Sandy Tritt. Her editing has been invaluable to me. With her guidance, I learned the rules of writing. She taught me the meaning of "showing, not telling," which is the most critical aspect of a salable story. The lady knows her stuff! My writing has improved one hundred percent since she began working with me. I encourage anyone to give her editing a chance. You won't regret it.
 ~ Rebecca Conrad, West Virginia, recipient of the Commission on the Arts Fellowship

I had been writing with mediocre skill for years until I met Sandy. She is an amazing editor, critiquer and teacher, sensitive and gentle, yet firm. I learned more from her in a few months than I had in all the years reading books on how to write. She explains things thoroughly and is endlessly patient with persistently "stupid" writing. My writing would not be what it is without her. Thank you, Sandy.
~ Charlotte Firbank-King, South Africa, artist and author of Raging at the Wind

I believe that I will be published, and it will happen as a direct result of Sandy's handholding and gentle admonishments to rewrite that line with a stronger emphasis, or to move that exposition to a more strategic paragraph.
~ Emanuel Lucero, Arizona

I prayed diligently for a Christian editor who would work with integrity and speed. An editor who would believe in what I was writing and who would help me put life and zest onto the pages. Sandy Tritt was the answer to my prayers.
~ Dee Landerman, Arkansas, author, Move Over Maharishi

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