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The Writing Life

Let’s face it: writing is a lonely profession. We spend hours—days—years— alone with our computers, typing away. If we’re lucky, we have a local writers’ group to learn and commiserate with. Even then, the act of writing is by nature done alone.

That’s why we’ve offered this section. A bit of insight into the lifestyle of other writers, a bit of empathy for the things we do in the name of research, a bit of encouragement to get you through another day at the computer.

So, start your day with The Writer’s Prayer. Enjoy the experiences of other writers. End your day with fiction by our editors.

And if you’re still lonely, check out our Editorial Services. We can give you feedback on what you’ve done.


"I liked how Wendy snipped and clipped and polished the scenesthose multiple deletes have liberated my soul!"

~ Reem Said, Ontario, Canada

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