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Success Stories:
Evelyn Schneider

Two Bit

"She's got an active imagination," my mother used to say with a shrug. But when I said I wanted to be a writer, I felt the pat on my head and heard the sigh. "Of course, you will, dear."

So, I became an accountant.

Two-bit Dancing

Han Ascano is a computer genius employed by a prestigious bi-coastal firm. On weekends he dances in an exotic strip bar. Angela Louie is a recently unemployed mother of teenagers struggling to make ends meet. Right now she's entering an upscale hotel fidgeting with an escort service's business card. She has, of course, no idea of the impact her lapse in commonsense will have.

Tom Lawson is working on a case to reunite a parent with his children. He couldn't have anticipated the ethical dilemma he's about to face. And he isn't prepared for the anger, or the passion. What should be a routine investigation, instead, rouses monsters.

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