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Manuscript Analysis

If your manuscript has been rejected by literary agents or publishers and you don’t know why, or if you simply want an “outsider’s” viewpoint on what works and what doesn’t in your manuscript, then our Manuscript Analysis service may be for you.

After analyzing your work, we will provide a five-to-eight page report (or a two-to-four page report on manuscripts under 25,000 words) that identifies your strengths and weaknesses. We'll offer suggestions on plot, character development, dialogue, point of view, pacing and other writing techniques. [This service does not include a line-by-line edit.]

If you like what you see and decide to use our manuscript editing and critiquing service for the same work, we will apply 50 percent of the critique payment toward the price of a full edit.

Rates are 1 cent per word. To calculate your total, multiply your total word count by 0.01. Round off to the nearest whole dollar, enter this number as the quantity on the next screen, then click on the "Update Totals" icon. A $60 minimum per manuscript applies.

To purchase Manuscript Analysis services from Inspiration for Writers, Inc., click the button below and fill out the provided online forms for secure payment through Paypal.

"I learned more from Sandy in a few
months than I had in all the years
reading books on how to write. 
She explains things thoroughly
and is endlessly patient

~ Charlotte Firbank-King, South Africa,
artist and author of Raging at the Wind

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