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Sandy Tritt

Sandy TrittSandy Tritt is the founder and CEO of Inspiration for Writers, Inc. She is the author of Everything I Know (Headline Books, 2006) and Inspiration for Writers Tips and Techniques Workbook. Currently, Sandy is writing a seven-book family saga series, Gambel Hill. Her short stories have appeared in Gambit, Mountain Echoes, Confluence, the Northwestern, and Mountain Voices. Sandy taught creative writing for Jackson County Board of Education and has given fiction workshops at Appalachian Writers Conference (Tennessee), Alabama Writers Conclave, West Virginia Writers Conference, Marietta College (Ohio), and others. She lives in West Virginia with her husband Butch and her youngest daughter Stacy. Her oldest daughter Roxanne is married and lives in Manassas, Virginia. Her middle daughter Pam is a student at Marshall University.

"After a lot of research in the market, I decided to mail Sandy my novel to proof and critique. What she sent back two weeks later stunned me. Not only had she ferreted out numerous pesky errors that my diligent friends had missed, but she also provided a wealth of insightful commentary. This may be a talent other editors possess, but the positive and sensitive way in which Sandy did this work makes her a stand-out in a very competitive field. I can think of no better name for her business than Inspiration for Writers."

~ Tim Newman, BC, Canada, author of Yesterday's Falcon

"I believe that I will be published, and it will happen as a direct result of Sandy's handholding and gentle admonishments to rewrite that line with a stronger emphasis, or to move that exposition to a more strategic paragraph."

~ Emanuel Lucero, Arizona

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